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You hereby wish to agree and follow following terms and conditions


The Following terms and conditions will act as a part of legal agreement between you and Fact finder’s by its proprietor ‘Mr Ajay Tyagi’

Effective Date: -

This agreement will stay valid from date of signup till next five calendar years.

Parties to the agreement 

Investigating Agency :-

The member who  wishes to sign up as a partner with us under the capacity of individual / Director/Employee of company / Proprietor of a firm or any such post as per specified and disclosed while registration process and as per the details of registration provided to us , Later called as “Investigating Agency” or “Agency “


Fact Finders:-

A proprietary firm by virtue of its proprietor Mr Ajay Tyagi registered as per the following details 

1.The Fact Finders act as a platform / mediator between the parties interested in matrimonial alliances / match making and allied services and the Detective / Investigating agencies carrying on the work of collecting personal data and investigating / detecting the personal information and profile of the person for whom the investigation / detection / collection of personal data is required. 

2.Detective / Investigating agency carried out the job of detection / investigation / collection of personal data under a license / statutory permission duly recognized and granted by the relevant authority(by whatsoever name we call it ) ,the details of which need to be provided while registration process. If in case there is any change / up gradation/ renewal of such licence / permission etc. occur on some point of time in future, the investigation agency agree to inform us on the earliest possible date via the media channel as per authorised under this agreement, and having relied upon and believing the claim / representation made by Investigating Agency, the Fact Finders have entered into this agreement with Investigating Agency under following terms and conditions:- 


Scope of work of Investigating Agency under this Agreement will be as follows:- 

Investigating / detecting relationship status: -

Investigating Agency shall investigate / detect the relationship status of the person details of which would be provided by the Fact Finders in writing to Investigating Agency. The relationship status would include whether the person is married / divorced / unmarried or is in any kind of live-in or relationship of any kind. The details of relationship status would be supported by valid evidence. The relationship status would also include the details of the person with whom the person - for whom the details are sought – is in relationship with and such relationship status shall be supported by electronic data comprised in either photograph (stills), image, video, letters, messages exchanged in social media. No other evidence shall be acceptable.  

Family Background, Income and Financial Details:-

Investigating Agency shall also detect / investigate the family back ground of the person whose details are sought by the Fact Finders. The family back ground details shall include the family set up, details of the parents, business of the concerned person, family business, immoveable properties and moveable properties acquired or held individually or jointly, loans taken and mortgages made by the person as also guarantees for the loan advanced by bank / financial institutions or any individual person whether secured or unsecured. Investigating Agency shall also find out the general behaviour of demeanour of the mother the mother of the person with whom the alliance is proposed. 

Employment details: -

Investigating Agency shall also detect / investigate the employment details of the person, if employed and his / her service record.

Social Status:

Investigating Agency shall also detect/ investigate the social status of the person as every person is perceived individually in the social circle / by society at large which shall also include the hobbies and personal traits / temperaments. 

Education Background: -

Investigating Agency shall also detect/ investigate educational background of the person and the same shall be supported by duly authenticated mark sheet / degree / certificate.

Health Status: -

Investigating Agency shall also detect / investigate the health status of the person which shall include whether the person has suffered or is suffering from any disease / ailment and the general health status of his family. The details shall be supported by authenticated medical certificate / papers. 

Personality and adverse habits:-

Investigating Agency shall also detect/ investigate the personal traits which includes his acts, attitudes, behaviours to others and whether the person indulges in alcoholism, smoking, drugs, gambling, and prosecution. 

Criminal Background: -

Investigating Agency shall also detect / investigate criminal background, if any of the person and / or his family members / friends which shall include offences; minor or major registered or being investigated or tried or decided and the criminal cases pending against him. The details shall be supported by legal documented evidence and no other document shall be accepted in support of any such finding by the XYZ.


The period of this MOU shall be 5 years from the date of signup and shall be renewed with the consent of both the parties in writing on the letter head of Investigating Agency before the expiry of the period of 5 years. If this MOU is not renewed or continued as aforesaid, it shall be deemed that the MOU has ceased to exist. 


Any communication or notice between the parties under this Agreement  shall be accepted / admitted only in writing or by mail at the registered / notified address / email ID of the parties.


 Investigating Agency shall maintain confidentiality and secrecy of the work and the personal data so collected by Investigating Agency shall be the personal property of Fact Finders and forever shall not be passed on / leaved / disseminated to any third party. Any loss caused to the Fact Finders on account of violation of the clause shall have to be compensated / made good by Investigating Agency. 


Investigating Agency shall conduct services with honesty, sincerity, integrity, fidelity, morality and good conscience and shall conduct all investigations within the bounds of legality, morality, and professional ethics. Investigating Agency shall not indulge in any activity for the purpose of carrying out the work under this agreement which is barred by law or not permitted. Investigating Agency shall also co-operate with all recognized and responsible laws enforcement and government agencies in matters within the realm of their jurisdiction. 


The payment shall be made to Investigating Agency by Fact Finders by accountable mode and not otherwise. 


The Amount payable by fact finder may vary depending on the nature and scope of work including taxes towards the services agreed to be concluded by Investigating Agency under this agreement as per fee schedule to this agreement which shall form an indispensable part of this agreement. The fee shall be payable by Fact Finders to Investigating Agency as under:- 

1)      25% at the time of placement of order

2)      The Investigating Agency will submit an invoice for the remaining 75 % of amount along with complete details, which will be scrutinized by Fact Finders within 15 days & make the payments to Investigating Agency 


If the personal data / information provided by Investigating Agency is not up to the mark / satisfactory, Fact Finders shall be entitled to claim refund of the fee paid after according reasons for claiming refund without any deduction of tax and the amount paid by Fact Finders to Investigating Agency shall be refunded within 7 days from the date of demand made by Fact Finders. 


Investigating Agency shall - within a period of 15 days from the date of submission of receipt of advance / 25% of the amount - provide the personal data / information under this agreement to Fact Finders with all supporting evidence / documents.


Investigating Agency will mention area of operations ------------ after mutual negotiations of the costing & its acceptance


Either party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement by giving 90 days’ notice in writing to the other party. However, giving of notice as aforesaid by Investigating Agency shall not absolve it of its liability to complete the work in hand or in progress. The work in hand or in progress shall be deemed to be completed only on satisfaction accorded by the Fact Finders in writing.


Any dispute, in regard to this agreement, shall be settled by referring the dispute to the arbitrator appointed under the provisions of Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. The Arbitrator shall be appointed by the FACT FINDERS and Investigating Agency shall not raise any objection or make any dispute with regard to the appointment of the Arbitrator. The venue of the Arbitration shall be at Indore. All the expenses of the arbitration shall be borne by both the parties.

If in case you do not agree to above terms and condition, we request you to please discontinue the process of singing up.

For any clarification regarding above terms and condition. Please feel free to contact us at 




IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Fact Finders and the Investigating Agency have affixed their respective signatures on these presents on the day and year first mentioned above.




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