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Expand your portfolio of clients with Shadibyahwale. Accelerate your business growth through a feasible and easy partner programme.

Why Choose Shadibyahwale
as your partners?

Shadibyahwale is not only a matrimonial website but also a growing network of verified people around the world. We have developed a large database of authentic candidates that spans across the globe. Partnering with Shadibyahwale is a win-win for any entrepreneur franchises or investigative agencies that are ambitious and wish to expand their portfolio. In shaking hands with us, you are shaking hands with a global partner.

How it works?

Sign up as partner

Go to Partner Program sign up below and create your profile. Choose options based on whether you wish to open a franchise with us or wish to partner with us as an investigation/ detective agency. Once you fill in your details, our representative will get in touch with you for more details.

Get shortlisted

We will check and cross-check your credentials, study your profile and experience in details and get back to you. We follow a very simple onboarding process where we keep you in the loop all the time.

Start working for us

Once selected, our representative will walk you through our terms and protocols. Don’t worry, it is only to help you feel comfortable working with us.

Benefits of working with

Get more business since we have enough work to keep you engaged throughout the year.

Get a regular flow of income because our work will be consistent and regular.

Expand your business and portfolio of clients as we give you access to our resources and knowledge.

Get work even in the off season because we cater to all kinds of clients in India and abroad.

Build more trust and credibility among your existing clients since working with us would open more avenues for you.

Develop your business because we always have challenging tasks that would motivate you to push your boundaries.

Working with Shadibyahwale gave me my identity because now everyone in my city knows me as their representative.

Gurmeet Singh

About Shadibyahwale

Shadibyahwale is a matrimonial service that genuinely seeks to restore faith in Indian match making system , we are building a service which based on Indian Ethos & value system . we have created fool proof systems and investigation methods that double checks every factual evidence so all doubts are cleared in customers mind . our footprints are already in major metros & international locations

Frequently asked questions

I have no experience of matrimonial service, can I still become a franchise?

Yes, we want to give chance to anyone with good business acumen, even if you are not specifically from the same industry.

How do I become a Shadibyahwale partner?

Just sign up to the form given below and we will get back to you.

What qualifications do I need to become a partner?

We are looking for people with good business and management skills. You don’t need a degree or prior experience.

How can detectives or investigative agencies become partners?

You need to sign up with us and choose your category from the drop down menu. Our team would study your details and get back to you.

My investigative agency is doing good. Why should I become your partner?

For larger client portfolio and more credibility. Our investigation cases will challenge your resources and would inspire you to perform better and get deeper in your investigation methods. We will also connect you with some of world’s most competitive investigative agencies and detectives that would help you learn and improve.

Can you guarantee a fixed monthly income?

If you follow our training programme and instructions, you will earn a decent monthly income.

Become a
shadibyahwale partner