About Us

The way to a great marriage is through values 


Shadibyahwale is a matrimonial service that genuinely seeks to restore faith in Indian marital system. We believe our country is a land of deep-rooted values where relationships are meant to be long-term. However, we couldn’t ignore the presence of failing marriages around us. Upon investigation, we realized that in 3 out of 5 failed marriages, the partners had lied to each other or hidden facts about themselves before marriage.

We set out to eliminate this factor by building a credible matrimony service that would encourage people to speak the truth. We have created fool-proof systems and investigation methods that specifically cross-check the claims of each party.

Headquartered in Mumbai and launching in 20 leading Indian cities soon, Shadibyahwale is the first to combine online and offline matrimonial services. We believe in the age-old Indian traditions of match-making where the match-makers did a thorough background checks before initiating the process. We encourage candidates to meet each other in person, families to interact and create a healthy environment of mutual trust.